Fear and loathing leaving Dáil Éireann

Our country is gripped with the type of political fear and loathing not seen since the days Cromwell arrived and told us to Hell or to Connaught. Quite a few chose Connaught. Unfortunately we don’t have that option anymore. As Connaught is as doomed as the rest of the Europe. We may actually have to go back to kidnaping tourists as we did nobility back in the middle ages to raise a few bob for the exchequer.

Let me start with Councillor Darren Scully and his exploitation of fear.

Councillor Darren Scully has form here with controversial remarks , he once claimed that young teenage women were deliberately getting pregnant to avail of free housing. He even went so far as to say some teenage girls had been actively seeking advice on how to get pregnant.

Which would seem to suggest that either sex eduction taught in schools needs to be updated or there is not horny teenage boy to be found anywhere in Nass. While I’m not aware what kind of sex eduction is taught in schools it has surely been updated since my day , when we were taught only married people had sex and they did it in the dark with a hole cut in a sheet.

As for there not being a horny teenage boy to be had anywhere in Nass …. Well anybody that has been a teenage boy will tell you otherwise.

Councillor Scully subsequently went on to top the poll in the local elections…… As for his remarks on black Africans he touched a nerve with some voters. There has been a long unfounded suspicion in Ireland that , African people get of the plane , are handed a set of keys to a house , given a car , some petrol money and weekly allowance of €4,000. While one-armed Mary down the road with the 24 children can’t even get into see the housing officer with her local authority. What councillor Scully did was feed on some voters irrational fear of the unknown.

If I were a betting man id wager he will top the next local elections too………


There was time when flying Kites was deemed so dangerous that the Government bombarded us with adverts telling us to be careful or we would be electrocuted. The fear of flying Kites was so bad that the Kite factories all over the country closed in their droves. The last one finally shutting its doors in Windy Gap , Co Kerry in 1989.

In the lead up to the budget there has been a mini revival of Kite Flying . These Kites are the political kind , mostly of the blue and red hue . This annual flying of kites festival was revived in recent years by Fianna Fail led governments. No TD has ever been electrocuted. Although there was a time when budget leaks and kite flying was frowned upon . Current Minister for Environment , Community and local Government , Phil Hogan had to resign as a junior minister with the OPW IN 1994 , when a staff member accidentally sent out Budget details to a journalist before it was announced.

How times have changed. The online publication The Journal have a running topic on budget leaks. Ministers are wheeled out on to radio stations on an almost daily occurrence , testing the waters so to speak seeing how far the public can be pushed before outrage becomes mass hysteria. The danger here is people are starting to become hysterical in War of the worlds proportions.

The current kite flying , while some political advisors will describe it as a necessary voter tactic to see which special interest group kicks and screams the loudest , rendering them inviolate to any budgetary bludgeoning from our current fiscal grim reaper Minister Noonan. This time out though the not even the Lesbian , Gay , bisexual , transgendered left-handed dwarfs are sacrosanct  , everything is on the table , if the government could , they would have you on the table cutting you open and flogging one of your kidneys to some fella in India for 10 grand.

The fact remains this tactic has the nation scared half to death , not a cent is being spent , money hoarded , the kids need shoes etc….. Last weekend saw the higher fuel taxes idea being put out there. If the government are insisting on hitting the driving commuter with higher fuel taxes , then the voting commuter a now significant demographic , thanks to reckless Fianna Fail section 23’s , the voting commuter will hit them back equally as vicious. The Government take is all ready over 50% on a litre of petrol and diesel see here Prices at the pump explained . I could go on and on about budgetary leaks and what it may mean for you , but you would probably be nauseous and end up vomiting all over your monitor and you can’t afford a new one so I wont…..

The main long-term problem will be trust with this Government if they continue to rule by what ifs and fear. As a country ,  being ruled by fear is what we have been used to for the last Millennia. Until Bertie decided that hanging on to power rather than fiscal responsibility  was the way to go , and in fairness the nation bought into Fianna Fails reckless economics.  People vote with their wallets after all and now there is a palatable fear for  whats left in that wallet.

The already political weary public will lose confidence in the coalition quicker than a nasally congested Brian Cowen . The previous government has left a terrible legacy for the current government. Probably in the short-term politically insurmountable in terms of vote getting and will face heavy losses in the local elections . Labour will lose mores seats , most likely to Sinn Fein and the ULA , which is not a Unionist terror group like it sounds , but a Socialist terror group judging by their policies . So the hard choices do have to be taken now whether we like it or not and for the coalitions sake if they are to minimise local electoral losses.

With backbench Government TD’s being harangued in their constituencies , over budget cuts and (indirect) tax hikes on a level far worse than Joan Burton’s experience on the Vincent Browne show , don’t be at all surprised to see a few Government TD’s jump ship some pandering to the fearsome parish pump. Nothing will focus a TD’s mind more than the thoughts of losing their seat. With Labour TD’s most likely to jump ship , but not out of fear of the parish pump but out of loathing of the budget and their socialist conscience telling them to do so , well that’s what they will tell us anyway. It will make for an interesting few weeks. Beginning with Enda’s look at the state we have ourselves in speech to the nation tonight.

Anyone want to give me odds on a new left-wing party emerging from within in Labour ? They could call themselves The National Labour Party sounds familiar ? Democrat left not that either , ehhhhh the socialist party maybe , nooo that’s taken too hmmmm tough one ….if you can think of a name for this new Party do leave a suggestion……

Bear in mind though not one of the opposition parties has come up with a credible alternative to balancing the books….


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Politics, humour, Liberal, Curmudgeon, Rogue. Creator and author of Irish Shades of Grey.
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2 Responses to Fear and loathing leaving Dáil Éireann

  1. cathyryan says:

    God this is just it all in a nutshell….scaredcshitless…hubby lost business 2yrs ago….self employed…gave employment for over 10;yrs…trained over 5 apprentices to an exceptional standard…lost it all…entitlements zero..cos SELF EMPLOYED….= marriage on line….emotional turmoil…change in character…sadness…tears….worry…MY HUSBAND HAS LEFT THE BUILDING!!! Cheers Bertie….& not forgetting u Enda & Michael…thanks for kicking us when down!!!! Dont u love this country!!

  2. John Murray says:

    Great piece Paul. On target as always.

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