Joanna Tuffy’s fit of pique

Congratulations to Labour TD for Dublin Mid West Joanna Tuffy for striking a blow for gender equality in the Dáil , by proving female TD’s are equally capable of being as willfully ignorant as their male counterparts.

Joanna Tuffy is boycotting a meeting of Female Oireachtas members tonight being facilitated by the 2011 Dáil rally car champion , Fine Gael’s Mary Mitchell-O’Connor on the grounds that men are not invited.

Ms Tuffy said she was not interested in attending any meeting to which only women Oireachtas members were invited.

“I think that there would be heavy criticism of a meeting to which only men Oireachtas members were invited. I see myself as a representative of the people and part of the mainstream, working with my fellow-men and women on issues that affect the people,” Ms Tuffy said. “I think such a meeting is about segregation of public representatives on the basis of the gender and that is a backward move, whatever the issue to be discussed.”

The issues being discussed will be the greater participation of women in all aspects of Irish politics from grass-roots levels up and what can be done to facilitate a more balanced gender based politics. Which will be addressed by a number of academics who are experts in the field. How many male TD’s do you think would show up if asked ? Women talking about women *shock horror*

You can imagine the bawling from some male TDs at the very suggestion of being asked to attend. …..Will we have to bring our knitting needles ? Sure they’d only be talking about that time of the month and the latest fashion things. That is just the causal pass remarkable sexism. There has been worse …….

One infamous former TD was well-known as the arse slapper/groper/pincher depending on who was telling you their story of him copping a cheap feel , there was not a woman in the Houses of the Oireachtas safe from his antics. You would always know he was expected in a room by the number of women with their posterior positioned against a wall .

Ask any female TD , councillor or party activist have they encountered some form of sexism and i am sure you would get more yeses than the Lisbon 1 vote. Thankfully to large degree that has been combatted. What remains is to encourage women to seek public office , which is a daunting a challenge . As Joanna Tuffy probably knows or maybe she don’t …. Is that in the 2009 local elections , Labour ran no women in 75% of Local Electoral Areas. A daunting task to encourage more female participation to say the least and that’s just within the Labour Party.

But sure what woman would want to be out on all nights , when she could stay at home , cook the dinner for himself , watch the soaps and cop herself a bit of a feel before she goes to sleep . And sure don’t she have to be up in the morning to bring the brats to school etc etc

I also wonder what Ms Tuffy makes of the official internal organisation within her party of which she is a member . who’s constitution states

The objectives of Labour Women shall be:

(a) To secure support of women for the principles, objects and policies of the Labour Party and to encourage and facilitate women to join the party.

(b) To encourage the full participation of women in all Labour Party activities, including policy formation and the holding of positions within the party.

(c) To advise the Labour Party and all Sections and members thereof on matters affecting, or of interest to, Labour Women.

(d) To prepare and pursue a programme of work to deal with the problems, aspirations, interests and needs of women.

(e) To provide educational, training and social opportunities for women members of the Labour Party.

(f) To develop and maintain links with sister parties and their women’s sections and with organisations whose objectives are congruent with those of Labour Women.

Hmmmmm not a man to be seen here , will Ms Tuffy be attending the Labour Women conference this weekend ? To discuss issues relating to women , equality and minorities or will she be giving it a miss because there wont be any men there. ?

What Ms Tuffy fails to grasp is minorities in our society need to be made more inclusive , right now the female of the species is very much a minority in the Houses of Oireachtas and any initiatives to help gender equality in Irish politics should be welcomed. Not fobbed of as she does to the invisible Tainste Eamon Gilmore.

It could be as one of the Labour Parties leading malcontents along with Tommy the Commie Broughan she is setting herself up as the Labour equivalent to Fianna Fails , and she may have needed some much-needed publicity.

*Update* Joanna Tuffy did not make the Labour Women’s (only) conference last weekend. Odd that considering she was on the Executive of Labour Women for 6 years. Who fundraised and canvassed for her also…..

*update*  I am informed Deputy Tuffy was unable to attend Lab women’s  conference due to a bereavement in her family , I wish her my condolences.

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